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Property Preservationists Insurance

What makes our quotes different?

  • Occurrence General Liability Policies available
  • Blanket Additional Insureds available
  • Mortgage field inspecting and property preservation businesses on the same policy
  • Professional Liability with payment plans
  • Commercial Auto Insurance Options
  • Workers Comp Options available for some businesses

The other places' quotes

  • Claims-made policies?
    • This means coverage ends when your policy does. Don’t buy claims-made general liability if you do not have to.
  • Pay for additional insureds?
  • Separate policies for property preservation and field inspecting
  • Requiring you to pay in full?

Learn more about insurance for the property preservation industry:

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DISCLAIMER: Coverage and options vary by policy.  No coverage is issued or afforded from this website.  Not all coverage options available on all policies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Property Preservationist Insurance

Property preservationists need both general and professional liability, as well as commercial auto. If you are a mortgage field inspector, you can also use this page for a quote.

What is a property preservationist?

In most cases, they maintain vacant homes.  Common tasks include lawn care, winterizations, boarding of windows, and lock changes of vacant properties.

Do you work with assurant field asset services, Five Brothers, Cypress or another vendor?

We can help with you insurance requirement: general liability, professional liability (errors and omissions), commercial auto and more.  To request a quote scroll down and complete the form, selecting the coverages that you would like.

Why buy errors and omissions / professional liability and general liability as a property preservationist? 

Consider these sample claims.

  • A property preservation specialist accidentally leaving a window or door open resulting in others entering the property and then getting injured. Think about both the medical claim and the cost of legal defense.
  • A property preservation service does not complete the necessary work at a property and the lender is unable to sell the property, resulting in a financial loss to a third party.
  • During a routine cleaning, an accidental fire occurs due to items left in a trashcan resulting in damage to the house where the property preservation service was working and to a home next door.
  • While cutting the lawn, a rock shoots out from the mower, causing medical injuries and a time off work claim from some body walking by. Expenses could include both medical bills for bodily injury and legal defense costs.

Get a quote for property preservationist insurance:

property preservationist insurance