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Insurance for US Students Travelling Abroad

There are a variety of options available for students that are looking for:

  • insurance for vacationing in a foreign country
  • insurance for exchange students
  • insurance for students in a cultural exchange program
  • insurance for students in an educational exchange program
  • insurance for trip delay or cancellation of a students trip

Whether you are planning to backpack through Europe after school, or participate in a study abroad program during a year of college of high school, a great opportunity lies ahead.  Of course, with any opportunity, does come some risk.  If you were to become sick or injured while in another country, what would you do?  crossroads

There are several great services provided by international travel medical carriers that offer more than just insurance:

  • information on foreign countries medical services
  • resources and contacts in case of medical or other emergencies
  • coverage for lost baggage or import documents
  • apps for your smart phone or tablet to locate medical providers
  • sports riders or adventure riders for individual who may participate in certain activities
  • emergency evacuation options

Like most insurance, coverage options and features vary by policy.  Click the link below to request a quote online and review a variety of plans.

Individuals, families, and businesses looking for travel health insurance can use this link as well.