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Vacant Home Insurance

If your home is vacant, traditional homeowners insurance may not provide you with the correct coverage.  Many homeowners and condo policies have wording that changes the policy when a home has been vacant for a certain length of time.  In fact, you may find that many new exclusions apply.

Vacant homes need policies that are intended for homes that are not occupied.  These policies can offer coverage for:

  • fire
  • vandalism and malicious mischief
  • smoke damage
  • theft
  • … and more

If your home is vandalized while vacant and you have a traditional homeowners or condo unit owners policy, you have have not coverage.

More than basic coverage for vacant homes

New coverage options have been added in many states for vacant homes and properties that can broaden the coverage.  When your home is vacant, there are additional risks.  Request a quote today to learn more about what coverage can help protect your property.  Estate-owned, LLC-owned, and other non-individual properties are invited to get a quote.


Stratum Insurance Agency LLC  you find insurance for vacant homes and commercial property.

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