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Vacant Condo Insurance

Insurance for vacant condos is now available from the hotline.  There are few insurance companies that will write insurance for vacant condominiums.  Vacant properties are seen to have additional risk.  Remember that an h06 policy, which is a common type of policy for a condo unit owner, may have highly reduced coverage for a vacant unit.  Policies that are intended for owner occupied units may also not allow for vacancies and could result in the cancellation of the policy.

A condo could be vacant for various reasons, such as the recent passing of an owner or because the unit is for sale.

Who is eligible for a quote?

  • vacant condos
  • tenant occupied condos or landlord condos
  • owner occupied condos

Coverage options and availability will vary by location.  Call the hotline at 833-844-4357 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM Pacific time to find out about the coverage that may be available for your unit.

The fastest way to get a quote is to call on weekdays:


The Call Center is open: 
Monday - Friday 5:30 AM -5:00 PM Pacific Time

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