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Lula Roe Insurance

Why do you need insurance as a Lula Roe Consultant?

Just because you run a business from your home or do not rent an office does not mean that you do not need insurance.  All business owners have risks.   There are different things that may concern you, some fall under the category of liability, while others are called a property coverage (such as protecting your inventory.

Sample Insurance Claims for Lula Roe Businesses

  • A fire at your home damages your inventory
  • A customer slips and falls, injuring themselves, at a pop-up party in your home
  • Someone steals some of your leggings at a craft fair
  • A friend, who was drinking wine at your pop-up party, gets in a car accident on the way
    home, and you are held liable


How to purchase insurance as a Lula Roe Consultant

Sample claims are provided for educational purposes. No coverage is afforded or implied by this website.  Please contact the company or an agent for more information.  Consult your policy for terms, conditions, and exclusions.