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sports insurance

It is important that you understand what insurance does and does not cover for sports or athletics businesses, camps, and clinics.

Many quotes that we see  EXCLUDE participant liability or that does not have some form of participant coverage.

Why would you buy a policy for a sports or athletics group that did not cover the people actually practicing the sports?



What you want in a quote

  • General liability WITHOUT a participant exclusion
  • Accident Medical and Dental
  • Abuse and Molestation Coverage
  • Hired and Non-owned auto coverage
  • Waivers of Subrogation
  • Primary Wording
  • Additional insureds
  • Free certificates of insurance

Things to try to avoid

  • Participant liability exclusions
    • Imagine if someone was taking swimming lessons from you and was injured while swimming but there was no coverage for participants (meaning the swimmers)
  • No coverage for claims of abuse?
  • No coverage for accidental dental injuries?
  • Low aggregate limits?
  • Limitation to a single location?

Most Sports are Eligible

Types of Sports

Most sports are eligible for quotes.  If you have a tackle sport, rugby, ice hockey, or lacrosse, we can still help.  The online application allows you to choose multiple sports when getting a quote.

Online Application for Sports Insurance

Insurance for Short-Term Athletic Camps and Sports Camp (not swim schools)

If you run a baseball camp, tennis camp yoga camp, religious camp, or are having a conference (such as a seminar), you can use this link to buy online.

If you have a sports camp for cheer, Tackle football, rugby, ice hockey, or lacrosse – please contact us.

  • In New York or Hawaii, please call us at 949-270-0609 for a quote – All other states click below

Quote Sports Camp Insurance (not in NY or HI)

Types of Organizations

Organization Eligibility

If you run any of the types of organizations below, you are eligible for a quote.

  • Sports League
  • Individual Sports Team
  • Youth Sports Camp
  • Cheer Camp
  • Annual Training Facility
  • Individual Sports Instructor
  • Non-profits
  • Community Centers

Fill out the online application and a member of our team will contact you.