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Insurance for Special Events

A basic rule of thumb is that generally liability insurance does not automatically include coverage for special events.  A special event is a someone generic term that could include everything from a company BBQ cook off to a golf tournament.  Fundraisers also can fall in this category.  It truly depends on the type of event and the policy.  Our team can help you determine if your policy can cover the event or if you will need to purchase additional coverage.  Events for non-business purposes, such as weddings need their own policies.

Non-profit groups often need additional policies as well.  Again, it varies by the business operation or non-profit.  For example, a networking group that has weekly meetings may have automatic coverage for the meetings, but not for separate business mixers where they invite non-members.


How do I get a quote for a single special event or multiple events:

You can also call us at 949-270-0609 to discuss your needs.

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