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Auto Insurance in South Carolina

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auto insurance

Questions?  Call us at:

  • 949-270-0609
  • 352-404-4445

Auto Insurance with an SR22 Filing in South Carolina

Call for a quote 844-424-7722   (844-424-SR22)

(Looking for an FR44 Insurance filing – click here)

If you are in need of an SR22 filing, Stratum Insurance Agency can help.  Have you been declined by another agency or an insurance carrier? Not to worry – we can help.

Whether you need an SR22 filing as a result of a DUI / DWI or because you were in an accident with no proof of insurance, we have options available across the country.  In South Carolina, paper SR22 filings are generally no longer accepted, so we have it electronically filed for you.


We can help if:

  • you need an SR22 filing with your auto insurance in the state where you live
  • you need an SR22 filing in a state where you do not live
  • you need a non-owner policy or do not own a car but need an SR22
  • you own a car and need to purchase insurance it with an SR22 filing
  • you have a family with multiple vehicles and need to insure more than one car and more than one driver
  • you are a first time car buyer

Even if you have a lapse in insurance, no prior insurance, or a suspended driver license, quotes are available.