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What’s in a name – Snow Mobile or Snow Machine

Snow mobiles may go by different names depending on whom you ask.  In some locations you here the name snowmobile or snow machine while in other you here snow sled.  Our Alaskan clients contact us for “snow machine insurance”, while Nevadans make request “snow mobile insurance”.  Of course, many of you who ride also refer to them as “sleds”.    If you come from north of the border on the eastern side (Québec), you may know it better as a “motoneige”.  Neige, being the French word for snow.

snow_machine_insurance2No matter what you call it, the team at Stratum Insurance Agency LLC is here to help with a quote.  We use the various terms across this page so that everyone feels like part of our family.



Why buy a stand-alone snowmobile insurance policy?

Endorsing a snowmobile onto a homeowner policy may have drawbacks such as limited Physical Damage coverage, lower Liability limits, and restrictions on risks, makes, and cc sizes. Plus, a homeowners policy may not provide liability coverage when the snowmobile is operated off of the premises.  Of course, the terms vary by policy, so you will want to talk to us more about the differences when reviewing your quotes.

What about putting my snow mobile or snow machine on my homeowners or condo insurance policy vs. buying a stand-alone policy?

We have a variety of options available.  We can add coverage for your snow mobile / snow machine on to your homeowners policy, condo insurance policy, or mobile or manufactured home policy in many locations.  Availability varies by location.

We also have access to multipolicy discounts for purchasing your home insurance and snowmobile insurance from the same carrier, or by combining your auto and snowmobile insurance.  Just ask us.  We can provide quotes for a group of policies for you to help maximize your discounts.

Learn more about discounts and coverage that are available with snowmobile insurance here or continue below to start your quote.