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Snowmobile Insurance Discounts

A variety of discounts are available for snowmobile insurance, such as safety course discounts, clean driving record, no prior claims, homeowners, and more. Association discounts are available in a number of locations as well. Remember to look for the    symbol on our site for any time of quote that you are getting.

Snow machine and Snowmobile Accessory Coverage

We sell different types of policies.  Some policies included limited accessory coverage at no extra charge and you have the option to add even more.  If you ride, you know all about the passion for upgrading and adding electronics.

A partial list of accessories which may be covered are

  • electronics,
  • music players,
  • antennas,
  • custom parts,
  • grip warmers,
  • saddlebags,
  • navigation (GPS)
  • and more.

Safety apparel such as helmets and other protective gear may be covered in the event of a collision. If you have a custom paint job, just let us know the value. Remember to always save your receipts for your accessories.

Roadside Assistance for snow mobiles is available on most policies at an unexpectedly low price

Do you think that you will never need assistance?  Many of us have thought that too, but look at some of the reasons that you may need it:

  • You lost your key and cannot start it.
  • Your battery died and you need a jump.
  • Lack of fuel or oil.
  • You need a tow from the side of the road.
  • And more…

Quotes are available across the country.


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