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Examples of Professional Liability Claims or E and O Claims

These are just a few of the countless potential claims

  • a tax preparer may accidentally transpose a number incorrectly – the client sues fines and other consequences
  • an interior designer orders the wrong furniture for a restaurant and the business is not able to open – the client sues for lost income
  • an ergonomic consultant determines that an office can accommodate a specific amount of desks for ideal efficiency, after advising the owner to purchase the desks, he finds that he was not accurate and 50 employees are left without workstations – the client sues for lost income
  • a grant writer drafts a grant for a client and the client loses the grant because the grant writer did not use the correct data when requesting the grant, or at least the client claims that was the case.

Stratum Insurance Agency LLC can help with professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance for over 750 professions.


*Disclaimer: These are just hypothetical scenarios.  No covered is afforded or implied through this posting or site.  Always refer to a policy for forms adn exclusions.  Consult an agent or the company with questions.
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