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Sample Groomer Insurance Claims

Why could you be sued as an animal groomer?

It is important to have the right type of insurance for your industry.  We sell insurance for groomers at own shops, rent, them, or who travel to other locations.  Take a moment to review several of key coverages for which we can obtain quotes. We can also quote commercial auto insurance for the vehicle that tows your kiosk or cart.  Coverages and options will vary by policy, so make sure to confirm that you have the coverage that you are Dog in Bathseeking. The information below is provided for educational purposes only.


The following examples are great reasons to contact us for a quote today, because you do not want to buy the wrong type of policy.  Our small business team will help guide you through the various coverages that are available.  We have heard too many people call us after it is too late — after they bought a policy that did not coverge them correctly.  Contact us first for a quote.

Sample Claims

Bodily InjuryVisitor comes to watch the dog be groomed and slips on some hair or water or the floor.  He suffers injuries of $15,000 and is forced to miss work for 2 months, resulting in $10,000 in lost salary for which the owner of the dance school is held liability.

Fire & Business Income Coverage

You receive a phone call awaking you to find that there has been a fire in the grooming that you lease and keep your most valuable merchandise and your equipment. All merchandise is destroyed. Replacing your merchandise will cost $30,000. In addition, you will incur $20,000 in lost income while you are unable to continue operations due to this fire

Professional Liability

You groom a dog for a show and the dog’s owner loses the show and sues your for not correctly grooming the dog and claims that he lost his several thousand dollar investment in the dog’s preparation for the show.

Animal Bailee Coverage

During a routine grooming and animal passes away.  Since the animal was in your care, custody, or control, you are found to be responsible to purchase a new dog valued at $800.


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(Disclaimer: Hypothetical Claims situations – These samples are purely hypothetical and there is no guarantee that any coverage will be afforded in a similar event.  Each claim must be reviewed by the appropriate claims department and carrier.)