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Commercial Auto Insurance or Property Preservationists

Property Preservationist Commercial Auto Insurance

Why do property preservationists need business auto insurance?

  • A personal auto insurance policy may not allow for business use.  In the event of a claim, you may not have coverage.
  • A personal auto policy rarely offers the high limits of insurance required by vendors or even enough to protect your business.
  • If your vehicle is titled in the name of  your business, it should not be insured on a personal policy.
  • If you need a certificate of insurance showing commercial auto insurance, you cannot obtain it by having a personal policy.
  • You need hired and non-owned autos both to protect your business and due to contract requirements.
  • A commercial auto policy allows you to haul around tools and equipment used in your business.
  • A vendor requires that you have it.

What if I use my personal car for work purposes?

We can help by obtaining commercial auto insurance that allows you to use your car for personal usage as well.  In most cases, drive other car coverage is available.  Coverage can transfer to an automobile that you do not own (referred to as a non-owned auto).  Do not confuse this coverage with “non-owned autos”, nor with “hired autos”.

Can I bundle my other insurance with my commercial auto insurance?

There are opportunities to place certain types of insurance with the same carrier, such as errors and omissions / professional liability and commercial auto.  Depending on the activities of your business, you may be able to bundle your general liability and commercial auto.

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