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Professional organizer insurance can combine general liability insurance, professional liability insurance (often called E&O or errors and omissions insurance), property insurance, and even data breach insurance.  There are different options available so that you can choose the coverage options that are right for you.

On of the most common form of insurance that a business buys is general liability insurance.  General liability is sometimes referred to as commercial general liability insurance of business liability insurance.  Small businesses, such as home businesses can buy general liability insurance at a very competitive price.

Buying Professional Organizer Insurance

When you buy professional organizer insurance, you will receive instant proof of insurance.  Certificates of insurance are also available from the service center, making things efficient for you as a business over.

If you are trying to decide weather or not your should buy insurance, consider that you need it to:

  • protect your business in the event of a claim
  • protect you business even from fraudulent claims
  • run a mobile business
  • potentially obtain contracts that are only available to a business with insurance