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Non Profit Insurance Quotes

Non-profits often do good for society, but that does not mean that accident do not happen and that individuals do not see an opportunity to sue at the blink of an eye.

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Why do non-profits need insurance?

Why should a non-profit purchase general liability and professional liability insurance?

While there are many complex risks involved in the operations of a non-profit, there are many basic topics that you should first analyze.

How could a non-profit be sued for a general liability claim?

A basic slip and fall claim could result in a lawsuit with legal defense costs and potential payouts in the hundreds of thousands, or more.

Claims against non-profits for abuse or molestation.

This is a sensitive subject, but it is one of which you must be aware.  There are different coverages options and policy types for this potential claim.  Some carriers only cover legal defense costs, while other may offer indemnification, meaning that they could pay if you lose a claim.  Remember, even if your non-profit does not work with children, adults can file claims as well.

Sample abuse claim: Perhaps your charity offers free haircuts and clothing to people in need so that they can go to a job interview.  On of the customers who comes to your event states that one of your employees or volunteers touched her inappropriately while helping her get dressed.  She gets a lawyer, sues you, and now you have to pay for your attorney fees, even if you win the case.

If you work with children, imagine the potential for claims.  A member of our non-profit team can go over the possibilities when reviewing a quote with you.