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Sample Insurance Claims for Non Profits (directors and officers insurance and employment practices liability insurance)

Remember that the personal assets of board members are at risk.

There are many reasons that you can be sued, but let’s start with these.

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Failure to Supervise and Executive Director
  • Failure to renew an insurance policy
  • Misappropriation of funds

Here are some examples of claims:

  •  The personal assets of the directors and officers of a non
    profit organization were exposed when the organization ran
    out of funds to pay for a suit brought against it.


  • Representatives of a non profit organization become involved
    in attempts to influence legislation beneficial to the
    institution. Claims were presented challenging the
    organization’s tax-exempt status under S501 (c) 3. An
    injunction was sought to prevent the organization from
    engaging in such legislative activity


  • A country club golf professional sued the club’s governing board, alleging that they failed to supervise her general manager, who had sexually harassed her repeatedly over a nine-month period. While the board was made aware of the issue, they didn’t have proof, and, therefore, decided not to take any action. A settlement was reached for $300,000 after incurring almost $60,000 in defense costs and negotiation expenses.


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