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Insurance for Mobile Food Vendors

Do you have a booth at a farmers market,  flea market,  or other festival? You need general liability insurance and in most cases,  products liability insurance.

It sounds so easy –  go to the fair,  sell some fruits, vegetables,  or other foods,  make money,  and go home. Of course,  you know how difficult it is to set up your booth,  load and unload your products,  and start before the cracks of dawn. You’ve planned the basic logistics for your booth or cart,  but what about the unforseen?

What would happen if you had a claim because…

– someone walked by your booth and tripped on some water you spilled on the floor?

– bought your food and then claimed that they had food poisoning?

– tasted a sample of your food and then choked?

These are just a few of the reasons that you need insurance.

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