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Several Types of Insurance are Available for Interior Designers and Decorators

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Interior designers need to consider not only general liability insurance but also professional liability insurance.  Professional liability insurance for interior decorators and designers helps to protect tem again claims for financial loss.

Sample Interior Designer ad Decorator Professional Liability Claims

  • You fail to complete a job and a store cannot open – you are sued for lost income.
  • You order the wrong tables and chairs for a restaurant and the opening is delayed – you are sued.
  • You recommend a specific type of countertop that costs $20,000 and the client complains that it scratches and chips to much – you are sued for the cost of replacing it.
  • You recommend a painter to help a store as part of a redesign of the interior.  The painter does not return to complete the job, makes a mess, and now the store has to close for a few weeks to find a new painter.  He sues you for the lost income.

The potential list of claims seems never ending.

Why does a designer need general and professional liability insurance?

Imagine this situation — you recommend that a certain piece of furniture be placed in a room in a specific location.  A customer of your client bumps into the table and is injured. The injured individual states that this aggravated a previous injury and now sues the your client for $65,000 in medical bills.  Your client sues you claiming that he placed the furniture on your recommendation.  Which policy covers this?  Don’t know the answer? This is why you need several types of insurance to protect yourself.

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Of course, there are many coverages that need to be considered, including workers comp, data breach, and property coverage.  Don’t worry – you can request for all of these coverages when you get a quote for interior designer insurance.

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