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Interior designers and decorators need insurance.

The interior design profession is not one where you can overlook the insurance.

Let’s look at some basic claims:

  • Professional Liability: You recommend a beautiful countertop for a kitchen that costs $10,000.  The client installs the countertop only to find out that it “scratches easily” and now has marking all over it.  The client sues you for the cost to replace the countertop.  They sue for the cost of removal, new materials, labor, and installation.  Potential loss: $35,000 or more.  Of course, let’s not forget about the cost of the attorney, which could add another $10,000.
  • General liability: You are visiting a home that are going to help design.  You use the restroom and a leak occurs following your visit.  The client sues you for causing damage to their premises.  These types of claimsare real.  Of course, general liability is a type of insurance that anyone in the real estate industry needs.


Learn more about insurance and request a quote and sample claims.

Our team would be happy to help you.  Request a quote and we will contact you to review risks inthe industry and coverage options.


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