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Group Vendor Insurance Program

A Liability Insurance Program Providing Protection From Lawsuits of Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage

The group vendor liability program has been structured to make insuring your event’s vendors as easy as possible. This program is only available as an online program where each vendor applies specifically for your event & receives their own policy limits at a discounted group price. Ideal for one-day special events, year long events, and anything in between.

How does the online group vendor program work?

Complete the enrollment form on page 4 of this brochure and submit it to us by fax or online. You set the policy term, coverage limits and additional insureds. You will receive an email with a link to your event’s group vendor website which you can forward to the vendors attending your event. Each vendor will apply online for insurance customized to your event’s needs. This provides immediate certificate issuance upon completion of the application and successful payment. The vendor and event holder receive certificates automatically. Additional insureds may also receive copies automatically.

This program makes it easy for your to get certificates of insurance.

How do I get insurance as an individual vendor?

If you are a vendor working at an event or looking for an annual policy, you can purchase coverage online for most business types at the links below:

You can purchase coverage with a short-term and long-term option.  Whether you need it for 1 day or an entire year.