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Specialty Coverages for Graphic Artists and Designers

Graphic Designer professional liability is a focus industry at Stratum, which means that we have special options available for your professional.

Important:  Remember that most professional liability policies exclude coverage for accidental copyright violation and other “media” related claims. We have access to policies that DO NOT these common exclusions. 

Types of Insurance

The most commonly requested types of insurance are:

  • General Liability (businessowners Policies.
  • Professional Liability (E&O)
  • Coverage for Equipment, like a laptop or furniture
  • Commercial Auto
  • Workers Compensation

Other Insurances Available

  • Data Breach and Cyber Liability
  • ID Theft
  • Crime Insurance (in case an employee steals from your or a client)
  • Bonds
Sample Claims

While there are countless reasons that you can be sued as a Graphic Designer or Artist, here are several samples:

  • Slip and Fall Type Claims
  • Failing to complete a project on time
  • Making a logo or other image that causes a client to lose a job.  Example, you are designing an image for an advertising agency and when they present work to their client, the client hates the logo.  Now, your client, the advertising agency sues you.



Graphic Designer and Artist Insurance


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