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Florida Notary Insurance and Bonds

notary insurance

Why buy insurance as a notary? Sample Claims.

  • Professional Liability: you forget to notarize a signature on a loan package and a buyer sues you for a sale not closing
  • General Liability: A client could trip over your briefcase during your signing session and you could be sued for accidental bodily injury.
  • General Liability: You could accidentally damage the location where you are signing and be sued for repairs.
  • You may need a certificate of insurance to get a contract or work for a signing agency.

Who needs general liability insurance?

General liability insurance protects your business from claims from a third party (meaning not an employee or officer) for accidental bodily injury and property damage. In most cases, your employees, officers, and partners are covered under a policy. A classic example is a “slip and fall” type of claim, where a visitor may sue you for medical bills and time off work. Whether you have a home-based, office, or retail business, you should strongly consider buying general liability.

Florida Notaries can choose from several options for Bonds or Insurance

Proof of Bonding and Insurance is available in the same day thanks to our easy to use electronic signature system.  Choose from an option below.

If you need a bond other than the $7,500 Notary Bond (4 Year Term), please contact us online or call us at 352-404-4445.

The Package Option includes the Notary Stamp and Journal.


Stand Alone Notary Plan

$79.52 includes Notary Bond, Florida Filing Fee, $5,000 Errors and Omissions


Notary Stamp Plan

$99.52 includes Notary Bond, Florida Filing Fee, $5,000 Errors and Omissions, and Notary Stamp

Notary Package Plan

$105.52 includes Notary Bond, Florida Filing Fee, $5,000 Errors and Omissions,  Notary Stamp, and Journal

Optional Coverage and price:

  • Increase E&O to $10,000 Add $15.20
  • Increase E&O to $15,000 Add $40.52
  • Increase E&O to $30,000 Add $60.478
  • Looking for $500,000 or $1,000,000? Click Here for a quote.

In Florida, online bond purchases are not available.  You need to complete the application.


Questions? Call us at 352-404-4445

Our team can help with:

  • errors and omissions policies with limits at $500,000, $1 million,
  • general liability
  • workers comp

Not in Florida? Looking for $500,000 or more of Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Click this button if you are NOT in Florida OR if you need higher limits of insurance.

Stratum Insurance finds Insurance for your type of Business

Quotes are available for both general and professional liability (errors and omissions insurance).  Our team can help by comparing not only the rates of multiple carriers, but also the coverage.  We have access to carriers that allow for different types of businesses, including specialty businesses that have trouble finding insurance.

Here is an example: some insurance carriers have limitations as to the location where they will cover your business or other exclusions that can limit your insurance coverage.

We work to find insurance that meets your businesses needs.

Disclaimer: No insurance is offered or afforded through this posting, page, or website. All quotes are subject to underwriter approval.