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Buy ERISA Bonds Online

Get instant proof of bonding.  The ERISA bond is sometimes called a fidelity bond, ERISA fidelity bonding.  ERISA stands for Employee Retirement Income Security Act.


What is an ERISA Bond?

An ERISA bond is a kind of fidelity bond used to protect people who participate in employee benefit plans like a 401k retirement plan,  a defined benefit plan, or a pension fund. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (abbreviated as ERISA) of 1974 requires fiduciaries, or the individuals appointed to oversee and manage employee benefit plans, to obtain an ERISA surety bond protecting these plans and their benefactors from potential fraud, mismanagement and theft.

Do I need an ERISA Bond?

If your business has a retirement plan, such as a 401K, then you probably need an ERISA Bond. 

If you have any of these responsibilities, then you likely need an ERISA bond.

Negotiating or transferring retirement plan funds
Signing checks or other negotiable instruments of a retirement plan
Working with cash, physical documents, or other physical assets of a retirement plan
Disbursing plan funds to beneficiaries
Supervising or having control over any of the above