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Martial Arts Studio Insurance & Dojo Insurance

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Why buy insurance for your dojo or studio? Sample Claims.

  • General Liability: A student could slip and fall in your studio and you could be sued for accidental bodily injury.
  • Accident Medical: A participant is injured during a class and has medical or dental bills.
  • You have a studio in your home and your home owners insurance provides NO COVERAGE because you are running a business. Many home owners policies have exclusions for a business at your home.
  • You may need a certificate of insurance to get a contract or rent space.

Ask yourself this question:  Without and insurance carrier behind me, what am I going to do when I receive subpoena?


Who needs general liability insurance?

General liability insurance protects your business from claims from a third party (meaning not an employee or officer) for accidental bodily injury and property damage. In most cases, your employees, officers, and partners are covered under a policy. A classic example is a “slip and fall” type of claim, where a visitor may sue you for medical bills and time off work. Whether you have a home-based, office, or retail business, you should strongly consider buying general liability.

You specifially need a policy that does NOT exclude participants

Beware of policies that exclude participants.  The dojo insurance that you can quote and buy online does not have a participant exclusion, which is the type of policy that you want.  It includes both general liability and accident medical coverage.


What if I run a dojo from my home or just have a “club”?

  • Your homeowners insurance probably has an exclusion for businesses operating from your home.
  • Even if you have a separate building for your studio, it’s still located at your home address and you still likely do not have coverage under a homeowners policy.
  • Just because you call it by a different name, such as a “club” that does not mean that you cannot be sued for accident bodily injuries.  Just a simple slip and fall claim from a visitor to your studio could cost you your business, your savings, and more when you tried to defend it.
  • Let’s say this again – your homeowners insurance probably has an exclusion for businesses and possibly even one for any type of “athletic activities” on the premises.



Stratum Insurance finds Insurance for your type of Business

Quotes are available for both general and professional liability (errors and omissions insurance).  Our team can help by comparing not only the rates of multiple carriers, but also the coverage.  We have access to carriers that allow for different types of businesses, including specialty businesses that have trouble finding insurance.

Here is an example: some insurance carriers have limitations as to the location where they will cover your business or other exclusions that can limit your insurance coverage.

We work to find insurance that meets your businesses needs.

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