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disappearing deductible

What is a diminishing deductible or disappearing deductible?

Auto insurance policies can offer much more coverage than the basics that you see on a quote.  The diagram here explains how a diminishing deductible or disappearing deductible.  Keep in mind that this is just a sample and different companies can offer different decreases.

If you have a clean driving record in the past 3 years, you could be eligible for this coverage.  We work with top-rated carriers that can offer you this coverage for both cars and motorcycles.


This is why you need to work with Stratum Insurance Agency.

When you get quotes online, you are not always seeing the many great coverage options that are available to you.   You also do not read the policy online, so you do not see the various exclusions and other conditions that apply.  When we help with your quote, we will review the policy with you, to make sure that you have one tailored to your needs.

You’re a person, not a number — that’s why we know you by name.