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Your plates/tags/license can be suspended on your low speed vehicle due to having the incorrect insurance

In Florida, for example, low speed vehicles are generally required to purchase PIP (personal injury protection).  We have heard that people are buying motorcycle-type policies, which do not offer PIP coverage.  Therefore, you need to make sure that you are working with an agent, like Stratum Insurance Agency, that can help you obtain PIP coverage on your low speed vehicle or neighborhood electric vehicle.

Traditional golf carts, that have maximum speed limits of 19 mph can have different requirements, but if you have an LSV (top speed 25 mph), you likely need PIP coverage to register the vehicle.

Different states have different rules regarding coverage.  When you request a quote, a member of our team can review the coverage options with you.  We can hep with LSV insurance and golf cart insurance across the country.  To get a quote click the button below.

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