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Cyber Liability for Real Estate Agents

The real estate industry collects a great deal of data that puts it at extreme risk for a data breach and cyber liability. Stratum Insurance Agency can help professionals such as real estate agencies with a cyber liability and data breach policy to protect their businesses in the event of a breach.  Real estate professionals maintain a large amount of data that is at risk.  Simply having names and addresses is enough to hold you liable, but add in the information collected on an application, such as birth dates and social security numbers, and the risk grows exponentially.  Just think about all of the personal information that you in your office or on your computers.

Why buy cyber liability or data breach coverage?

  • The cost of notifying the affected parties or potentially affected parties can be tens of thousands of dollars.
  • You may be obligated to buy credit monitoring services for every person in your system.
  • You may need help with public relations to deal with the breach.
  • You have potential loss of income resulting from a breach because your business cannot operate.
  • It can pay to help recover or replace lost data, as well as forensic expenses to determine what happened.

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