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Commercial Auto Insurance Basics

Commercial Auto Insurance Basics

Do you use a car for business, such as to visit clients and job sites or to tow a trailer? Do you run a non-profit with vehicles titled or used as part of the operation?
Keep in mind that if you use your personal vehicle for business, then your personal auto insurance generally does not cover it.  There are at 2 options available.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Personal Auto Insurance for business Usage


Commercial Auto Insurance

This type of policy can offer a business higher limits of liability and offers coverage for many types of businesses.  Harder to insure businesses include those that transport chemicals or transport people, such as limos and taxis.  You can also add coverage for a trailer, such as one that you town with tools or even a food cart.



Personal Auto Insurance with Business Usage

Only some businesses qualify for this option and policies often have limitations on the coverage.  For example, many personal auto policies set up for business usage have an exclusion when you town a concession trailer, such as a food cart.  They often do not allow vehicles owned in the name of a business, as well those who need to add additional insureds.