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College Coach Insurance

When you give advice as part of your profession, you are at risk of getting sued.  A client can simply claim that the recommendations that you provided did not achieve the expected results.

College coaches help children and parents make decisions about heir future.  Perhaps you recommend classes to take or extracurricular activities in  personwhich a student should participate.

Imagine this professional liability claim:

You recommend that a student participate in a variety of multicultural activities so that she can stand out when applying to the school of international relations at a major university.  The student is denied entrance by the university because the school prefers students who actively participated in non-profit volunteerism.  The parents claim that because of your advice they need to send their children to a different university that costs an extra $25000 a year.  You are sued for $100,000, the cost of four years of tuition.

It’s time to consider professional liability insurance.  Our team can help you with a policy that combines both general liability and professional liability.  You need the general liability insurance portion in case of a slip and fall-type of claim, or other potential claim for bodily injury or property damage.


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