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Dance School Insurance


Running a dance school without insurance is very risky.  There’s the basic chance of a slip and fall from a visitor, but have you considered what would happen if a participant in your class was injured?

The first question you should ask about any quote:  Is there a participant exclusion on the quote?  That’s right, there are policies that exclude injuries to participants (such as people dancing in your class).   

Let’s answer more questions about dance school insurance and dance instructor insurance:


  • What if I have multiple location? You can insure multiple locations on one policy and you can decide if you want just the liability coverage or property coverage at each location.

  • What if I train off the premises? We sell policies that extend of your primary location.  Make sure to read the next question.

  • What if I am just an independent contractor and I teach at other people’s locations. We sell dance instructor and personal trainer policies.  Please use this link to obtain a quote.  Same day quotes and proof of insurance is available. Discounts are available to certified instructors.

  • What if I hire independent contactor to work as instructor? Most policies require that your independent contractors have general liability and professional liability insurance (this can vary by policy).  If you obtain a quote from another agency and they do not mention this requirement, make sure that you have confirmation in writing that this is not required, because it is a common requirement and it is often overlooked.  Remember that you still need to buy workers compensation insurance if you have employees or uninsured independent contractors. If you buy dance school insurance from the link below, you can add your independent contractors.


Of course, always review the full terms and conditions of each policy that you purchase. Any information provided here is purely education and may not apply to the policy that you purchase.