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Brush Area Home Insurance

Our team can help with homes in brush areas or with limited fire access.  If your home is located in a brush area or considered too far from a fire station, you may be having trouble finding insurance.  Not only are there a limited number of carriers that write insurance for these homes, but many agents do not have access to them.

Stratum Insurance Agency has access to carrier that write homes in brush areas.  Generally, a minimum amount of brush clearance is required, but the rules can vary by company.  In some cases, a carrier will allow as little as 100-150 feet or clearance, while others require 250 feet or more.  Special circumstances can be taken into consideration, such as fire suppression systems and fire prevention enhancements at the home.  Companies may also use different fire mapping and brush scoring methods, so each home is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

A major factor in locating insurance for brush area homes is the “distance to brush”.


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