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Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine insurance is used to protect specialized property or mobile items. Inland Marine coverage is  generally used for:

  • items that are not located at a fixed location,
  • communications equipment – towers and satellites,
  • windmills and solar panels
  • piers, bridges, roads and other items used for transportation
  • contractors equipment – tools, tractors, back hos
  • mobile equipment – food carts, pizza ovens, wood chippers
  • photography equipment


Can Stratum Insurance Agency write a stand-alone inland marine policy?

Yes.  Inland marine policies can be written without any other lines of coverage, in most situations.  It can also be packaged with general liability other lines of property coverage.

What about inland marine insurance for tools?

Miscellaneous tools can often be written as “unscheduled”, meaning that you do not have to list each tool at the time of purchase.  This type of coverage can be a bit more expensive than the “scheduled” items, or those for which you have provided a name and description, but it is not uncommon to have both scheduled and unscheduled items on a policy.


How to get a quote for Inland Marine Insurance:

  • Start your quote below and choose either contractors equipment or specialized items.
  • Call us with questions:  949-270-0609