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Home Business Insurance

Why is it that home based businesses have trouble finding insurance?

Before we answer this question, we want you to know that Stratum Insurance Agency can help with over 1000 types of home businesses.  The reason are several reasons that consumers have trouble finding this insurance:

  • some insurance carriers require an office, retail, or other primary location away from your home
  • there are concerns about the potential risks of using your business insurance for a personal liability claim (which, generally, would fall under homeowners, renters, or condo insurance)
  • some homes do no meet the requires of a business policy, such as certain safety requirements (think of a bakery that lacks a commercial fire suppression system)

How can Stratum Insurance Agency LLC help with home-based business insurance?

We have access to insurance carriers that write businesses operated from your home, including those who travel out, such as interior designers, face painters, and tutors.  A large variety of businesses can be quote, from to accounts to tailors to xylophone tutors.

A home-based business owners policy contains commercial general liability insurance and many other important coverages to protect your business against claims that result from bodily injury and property damage and office exposures.

Who should use this page:

  • Businesses Without an Office (meaning that you do not rent, own, or lease a space away from your home)
  • People Looking for General Liability Insurance, Insurance for equipment, operating from a home (you may travel out, such as a tutor)
  • People Looking for low limits E & O Insurance as part of a package

After requesting your quote, we will compare the rates and coverage of multiple carriers through our proprietary system, and then help you move forward.  The entire process can be completed with an e-signature.  We look forward to helping you.