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Vending Machine Insurance

Insurance for Vending Machines (general liability, property, data breach)

Vending machines are something that we see all of the country, starting as soon as we set foot in school as a child.  What risks are associate with this business?  While many people purchase the insurance simply because they are required to do so by contract (such as from a landlord).  Here many other reasons to consider purchasing insurance for this business.

Sample claims for a vending machine business:

  • a child cuts himself while trying to reach inside the retrieval area
  • a machine falls on someone
  • a food poisoning claim
  • a child chokes on a toy sold from a machine
  • you accept credit cards in your machine and your data is breached

Why should I buy property coverage for my vending machine business?

While many people consider buying general liability insurance, your machines are valuable and they should be protected too.  What would happen if a machine was stolen? What if a car crashed into one? What if a vandal destroyed your property?  The cost of replacing or repairing the machines is likely not cheap.

This is where our small business team uses its experience to help you find a quote that protects your machines.  Another agent (not us) who does not understand the industry may not even know how to get you a quote for machines at multiple locations, but we do know how to do this.  This is why you should start your quote request below.