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Shoe and Luggage Repair Store Insurance

-Shoe repair shops, as well as luggage repair and general leather goods repair stores, appear in a wide variety of locations.  From shopping malls to business centers, a decent amount of foot traffic passes through their businesses.  This, of course, means more risk.

Special Considerations for Shoe and Leather Repair Store Insurance


  • This business has unique risk because you hold others people’s goods in your custody while they are being repaired, such as during over night storage or while you are working on them.  Many policies have an exclusion for care, custody, and control
  • Risk of losing clients property when your are responsible for its safekeeping.
  • Consider this: if you damage a a shoe or luggage while repairing it — does your policy cover this damage?

Our team works to help you find a policy that offers coverage for some of the unique risks in this industry.  Same day quotes are available for business owners policies across the country.


Also eligible for a quote:

  • Shoe Shine Valet Insurance (including shoe shine machines)
  • Shoe Store (retail and wholesale)
  • Shoe or leather good manufacturer


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