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Phlebotomist Insurance

Quotes are available for individual phlebotomist as well as companies that send out phlebotomists.  Phlebotomist insurance quotes often include a combination of general and professional liability insurance.  In many cases this can quoted as part of an allied health policy.  You can choose to purchase just professional liability, if you prefer.  Quotes are available for single professionals as well as labs.

Phlebotomists and Phlebotomy labs (blood labs) need several types of insurance:

  • general liability – to protect you against claims fro bodily injury or property damage
  • professional liability / malpractice for phlebotomists – to protect you against potential claims for mishandling samples, mislabeling things, not completing tasks on time, and other potential financial losses
  • workers compensation – if you have employees, this is required in most locations
  • property insurance – to protect your equipment, tenant improvements, or building if you own it