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Massage Insurance

Masseures and Masseuses need more than just general liability insurance.  It is important to also consider, at the least, professional liability insurance and coverage for abuse/molestation, as a client could easily claim that they were inappropriately touched.  Quotes are available for individual massage therapists, studios/parlors, or mobile masseurs.

Risks in the Massage Industry:

  • Claims for bodily injury.
  • Claims for unintended sexual contact.
  • Claims resulting from a client stating that you injured him to the point where he could not work for several weeks.  You are sued for lost income and medical expenses.

Consider this sample claim:

  • Rose Spa and Salon is scheduled to host Mary’s bridal shower party for a two hour massage and day spa session for all nine bridesmaids. Due to a booking error, the morning of the event, Mary receives a phone call from Rose Spa saying they need to reschedule for the week after. Mary is furious as she had paid for four of her guests to fly in from out of state to attend the event. She is unable to find another venue at such short notice and sues the spa for $1,600 to recoup the airline fees for the booking mistake