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Ice Sculptor Insurance

Ice Sculpting is an art.  It is also a business, which means that it comes with risk.  This is an ice sculptor need to consider several types of insurance, including general liability and errors and omissions insurance.

Potential Claims for an Ice Sculptor

  • Professional Liability (errors and omissions) – you prepare a sculpture for the annual part of a large metal forging company.  You mistakenly misunderstand the design and create something that, when revealed, shocks the crowd.  Over the next few months, the client finds that his revenues are falling because ordering are not coming in.  He sues you claiming that your design made his clients think that the do poor work.  Even if you win the claim, the legal defense costs can bankrupt you.
  • General Liability – while setting up your sculpture, water spills on the floor.  As guests arrive at the event, one slips and falls, aggravating an old injury.  He sues you for medical bills and lost income.

Think it can’t happen to you?  In the business world, slip and fall claims as well as errors and omissions claims occur daily.

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