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General Liability and Professional Liability for Home Stagers

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General liability is the first must have on the home stagers insurance list, as you could be sued for people being injured on the property you are staging.  You also may need insurance as a contract requirement to work with certain realtors or other businesses that call on your for staging. Property insurance will help protect your furniture inventory, computers, and other equipment that you use in your business. 

Do home stagers need professional liability insurance (errors and omissions insurance)?

Yes!  A client could sue you for a variety of reasons.  Professional liability insurance protects you in the event of a covered claim for a financial loss to a third party.

  • Example #1, a client could claim as a result of your staging work, the home did not sell.  Therefore, you could have caused the client a financial loss because they could not sell the property.
  • Example #2, a real estate agent could claim that your poor styling work caused a photo shoot to go wrong the photographers will now have to be paid to return to retake shots for the website and print adds.

Workers Comp insurance for home stagers

If you have employees, you need workers compensation insurance as well, because your employees can file a claim against you for injuries.  Whether your state requires it or not, this is a very important insurance to purchase.  

For a workers compensation insurance quote, call Monday-Friday from 9AM – 5PM (Pacific) or 7AM – 8PM Eastern to:  888-333-3781

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