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Fitness Studio and Gym Insurance

There is much more to insurance than what you see on the quote and declarations page —  you need to review the policy, endorsements and exclusions.  This is why you want to work with our team, so that we can review the coverages and options available with you.

Did you know that there are many policies that have a “participant liability exclusion”?  

This means that if someone is inured while participating in a class or doing something “athletic” that there is no coverage.  Stratum Insurance Agency LLC can help with policies that do not have this exclusion.  You should also consider and accident medical policy in addition to a general liability policy.  These policies can provide coverage for small claims, hot_button_issue  rather  than using your general liability policy. Read this again — we have access to policies that DO NOT HAVE this exclusion.  You do NOT want to buy a policy with this exclusion.

Are you trainers independent contractors or employees?

This is an important issue – some policies require that each of your independent contractors be separately insured and name you as an additional insured.  We sell different types of policies that have the option to cover you for the work of independent contractors while teaching on your behalf.  Do you have employees?  Did you know that workers compensation insurance is required in most locations if you have any employees, and highly recommended in places where it is not required.

Do I need general liability or professional liability or BOTH for my studio?

This depends on the policy wording.  In some cases, if you do not have professional liability insurance, you may not be covered in the course of training.

Several Other important issues to consider when buying insurance for a fitness studio:

  • Does the policy have a a designated premises endorsement?
  • are they activities of my gym or studio covered?
  • Am I covered away from the premises listed don my policy?
  • What safety procedures are required?  CPR training, A defibrillator, special mats?
  • If I insured my equipment and property, am I required to have a central station alarm?
  • Do I offer other services, such as child sitting, massage, or tanning?  Are these covered

Getting a Quote for a fitness studio, yoga, pilates, spin, barre, or crossfit studio: