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Fashion Truck Insurance

Mobile Retail Stores, Fashion Trucks, Mobile Salons


fashion truck insurance


Why buy fashion truck insurance? Sample Claims.

  • A visitor could slip and fall while shopping.
  • Someone could sue you simply for getting cut on a hanger.
  • You could hit someone while driving the truck.
  • You may need a certificate of insurance to get a contract or rent space.


General Liability Insurance


Who needs general liability insurance?

General liability insurance protects your business from claims from a third party (meaning not an employee or officer for accidental bodily injury and property damage. In most cases, your employees, officers, and partners are covered under a policy. Whether you have a mobile, home-based, office, or retail business, you should strongly consider buying general liability.


Who needs commercial auto insurance?

If you use a vehicle for a business purpose, or tow a trailer (like a food cart) for a business purpose, then you need commercial auto insurance, because personal auto policies often have exclusions for business usage.

Important Info for Fashion Trucks

You need to work with an agency that understand that you have a mobile store, like a fashion truck.

  • Many commercial auto carriers do not allow businesses that have clients enter the truck
  • You need a general liability policy that allows you operate at different locations.
  • If you want to insure you inventory, you likely want to insured it when it’s away from your main location.

This is why you work with Stratum Insurance Agency LLC, we help you find insurance based on your business needs.

You can request all of these types of insurance on this page.


Liability Insurance
Why choose Stratum Insurance Agency

Stratum Insurance finds Insurance for your type of Business

Quotes are available for both general and professional liability (errors and omissions insurance).  Our team can help by comparing not only the rates of multiple carriers, but also the coverages.  We have access to carriers that allow for different types of translation or interpretation.

Here is an example:  some carriers do not write errors and omissions policies for those who work with medical professionals (such as translating at a hospital), but we have access to carriers that do.  We can help both individual translators and interpreters and agencies.

Learn more about how we can help after fill out the form.