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Dietitian and Nutritionist Insurance

Both dietitians (dieticians) and nutritionists generally qualify for an allied healthcare quote, which offers a combination of general and professional liability.

Alternatively, if you are seeking a stand-alone policy, with just general or just professional liability, they may also be available.  Keep in mind that, in the event of a claim, the lines of coverage may be blurred, which is why we work to find quotes that offer both coverages on the same policy.

Ask yourself this question — if I consult someone on their diet and they file a claim saying that they became ill and suffered bodily injuries, is that a general of professional liability claim?

You should also consider other coverages for your business, including data breach, because you likely have personal information about your clients.  The costs of dealing with a breach or “misplaced” data can be incredibly expensive.  When you request your quote below, simply let us know if you are also interested in a data breach quote.