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Confectioner and Candy Maker Insurance

Confectioners need products liability insurance like most food manufacturers.  Candy making, baking, and preparing of sweet treats have been around for many years, and the industry continues to grow thanks to new innovation.

Special considerations in food manufacturer insurance:

  • Products liability for businesses that manufacture any type of food is a priority.  Risks include choking, food poisoning and more.  Beware of policies with products liability exclusions.
  • We have options that offer “product recall coverage”. Learn more when we review the quote with you.
  • Data Breach coverage is available, which is important because you may accept credit cards or keep other sensitive information that is subject to a breach.
  • Commercial auto coverage for your business vehicles, including those that deliver or tow.

Who is eligible for a confectioner insurance quote?

  • Retail Stores
  • Mail Order and Online Sales
  • Wholesalers – who sell to retail stores or other vendors
  • Swap Meet and flea market vendors
  • Food carts and trucks


Request a quote below for both home-based and office-based locations.

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