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BBQ Cleaner Insurance

BBQs have come a long way from the days of a simple grill with some charcoal.  Thanks to their advanced features, multiple burners, and add-ons, some can cost over $10,000.  This has helped to create a need for BBQ repair and professional cleaning.  Our small business team can help with insurance for this industry.  A key question to consider when reviewing quotes:  is damage to the customer’s BBQ or other appliance covered if I accidentally damage it?   BBQ Repair Insurance

Coverages to consider:

  • General liability
  • Care, custody, and control — if you are not familiar with this, talk to a member of our team today.
  • Equipment coverage for your tools and equipment on and off the premises — are you tools covered when you are out in the field?

These questions and more are the reasons to talk to our Small Business Team.  Start your quote today by completing the form below.  Our team will compare rates and help you find coverage.  Appliance repair professionals can also use the online quote request for liability insurance.