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Archaelogist Insurance

Archaeologist Insurance – Errors and Omissions (Professional Liability) and General Liability

Archaeologist  and Anthropologists Insurance quotes for both general liability and professional liability insurance are available from our Archaeologist Insurance Quote link.  Anthropologists and other researches are invited to obtain quotes as well.  Other professions which need similar insurance, and can request a quote below include:  historical preservation consultants and grant writers.

What could go wrong, it’s a research business?  I don’t even dig.

That’s a good question.  Let’s look at a potential claim that could occur:

  • Sample Claim #1 – Professional Liability – you did research to help a school apply for a grant. The school claims that because you did not complete your  report in a timley manner they did not receive the grant and sue you for their financial loss.  Along with the possible loss of the lawsuit, you also incur legal fees  of $100,000 in defense costs.

Even if you win, there is still the cost of defense.  Ready to start your quote, continue below.