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Insurance for Home Stagers

Home Stager Insurance is available with one call

Insurance for Home Stagers is provided by phone.  Home stagers should consider not only general liability insurance, but also property insurance to protect their furniture.  If you are starting out as a home stager, you may consider starting with only general liability, but then adding additional coverage at a later time.  If you have been asked for a certificate of insurance, make sure to let the representative know what is being requested of you.

Home Stagers have risk that you may not have considered.

Think of the potential claims and risks in the home staging industry:

  • a visitor to a home slips and falls on a rug that you place
  • a visitor to a home sits in a chair and then gets injured with the chair breaks
  • in the process of home staging, you cause damage the the expensive floors in a home

Home Stagers Insurance available by phone at: 888-333-3781

(Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 5PM Pacific / Monday – Friday 5:30AM – 8PM Eastern) 


Tutor Liability Insurance

Buy Tutor Liability Insurance Online

Insurance for tutors may contain 2 basic components:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance(often called E&O)



What type of insurance does a tutor need?

If you run a home-based tutoring business or virtual tutoring business, it is likely that E&O insurance is your primary concern, as you do not visit clients nor do you have clients on site.

General liability is sometimes called slip and fall coverage, as it is intended to protect you from claims for accidental bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

Professional liability or E&O for tutors is intended to protect you from claims that result from causing a third party, such as a student a financial loss.  For example, parents could sue you because they say that your tutoring resulted in their child not getting into college. 

Single tutor insurance starts around $200 for both general and professional liability.



Buy ERISA Bonds Online

Get instant proof of bonding.  The ERISA bond is sometimes called a fidelity bond, ERISA fidelity bonding.  ERISA stands for Employee Retirement Income Security Act.


What is an ERISA Bond?

An ERISA bond is a kind of fidelity bond used to protect people who participate in employee benefit plans like a 401k retirement plan,  a defined benefit plan, or a pension fund. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (abbreviated as ERISA) of 1974 requires fiduciaries, or the individuals appointed to oversee and manage employee benefit plans, to obtain an ERISA surety bond protecting these plans and their benefactors from potential fraud, mismanagement and theft.

Do I need an ERISA Bond?

If your business has a retirement plan, such as a 401K, then you probably need an ERISA Bond. 

If you have any of these responsibilities, then you likely need an ERISA bond.

Negotiating or transferring retirement plan funds
Signing checks or other negotiable instruments of a retirement plan
Working with cash, physical documents, or other physical assets of a retirement plan
Disbursing plan funds to beneficiaries
Supervising or having control over any of the above

Online Tutor Insurance

Insurance for Online Tutors and Virtual Tutors

Online tutoring, remote tutoring, and virtual tutoring is an industry that has grown significantly.

Individual tutors (such as people who do not run a tutoring center) need insurance to protect themselves in the event of a possible claim,

Let’s look at a sample claim under tutor professional liability.  Remember, this is just a hypothetical claim and your actual claim may or may not be covered.

Sample Claim: You tutor a student and he or she does not do well on their college exams, the parents may sue you blaming your tutoring for their performance on the exams.


Types of insurance available with the online quote:

  • General liability for tutors
  • Professional liability or E&O Insurance for tutors
  • Data Breach or cyber liability for tutors are also available in select states

Quotes are available in almost all states. Choose an option below:




Topics: Potomac, MD tutor insurance, Bullis School tutor insurance

Arizona Notary Bond

You can now buy an Arizona Notary Bond Online


  • Bond Amount: $5,000
  • Notary E&O included: $5,000 (higher limits available)
  • State: Arizona
  • Options Available: Notary Journal, Notary Stamp
  • Terms available:  4 Years
  • Instant Issue: YES


How it works:

  • Click here to get started
  • Create your account
  • Get a quote
  • Purchase online (save money with a multiple year option)
  • Get instant proof of bonding