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Animal shelter insurance can include multiple lines of coverage, such as general liability, commercial auto insurance, and property coverage.  Whether you act as a local animal shelter or rescue or provide more services, such as animal and wildlife control, our team can help.

General Liability Insurance

Protect yourself against claims for unintentional bodily injury or property damage.  Slip and fall claims are common in business, but when you work with animals, you also face the risk of bite claims.

Property Insurance

Your equipment, cages, tools, furniture and other items are important parts of your business or non-profit, so this insurance should no be overlooked. You can insurance buildings that you own or tenant improvements and upgrades if you lease a space.  If you have signs, canopies, awnings, sheds, gazebos, or other items to insure, these can often be added to a property policy.

Directors and Officers Insurance / Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Shelters should also consider Directors and Officers Insurance to protect their board members.   D&O quotes are available same days in most locations. Also included in most quotes is employment practices liability, which can protect you in the even of a covered claim from an employee or volunteer for discrimination or harassment.


Animal shelters should strongly consider buying cyber liability coverage as well.  Shelters maintain personal information on clients, such as names, address, phone numbers, birthdates, and more. If this information is stolen, the potential costs and damages are serious.  Consider the fact that you may be required to notify every client of the breach, which could cost tens of thousands of dollars.


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