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Why do I need an independent agency?

There is much more to an insurance quote and policy than what you see on the first page.

  • Do you know about sublimits on property policies? How much jewelry is covered?
  • Do you know about permissive user coverage on your auto policy? What happens if someone drives your car that’s not listed on the policy? What if your children let a friend drive.
  • What coverages transfer to a rental car?
  • What dogs are prohibited on some homeowners policies?

Just because you see two quotes that show the same coverages shown on the one or two page quote, this does not mean that they are the same. Not all insurance policies are created equally, which is why we work with many top-rated carriers for both personal and business insurance, to help find that balance of price and coverage that is right for you.

At Stratum Insurance Agency, our team takes the time to understand your needs and the policies that we sell.


Why Choose Stratum Insurance Agency?