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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Terms of Service – The Legal Stuff

Your usage of this website or any site owned by or affiliated with Stratum Insurance Agency LLC means that you understand and agree to any and all terms written here. 

Not all products marketed in all states. Stratum Insurance Agency, LLC is an independent insurance agency and/or broker (varies by location). Coverages and options vary by location. No insurance is offered or afforded through this posting, page, or website. By reading this article, site, or blog post, you agree to hold the author, the agency or brokerage, family, and anyone who associates with Stratum Insurance Agency LLC harmless from any liability that may arise. The information provided in any of the postings here or on any site from Stratum Insurance Agency, LLC is not intended to be advice and is purely for educational purposes. No recommendations are made by this website, its author, or the company, agents, managers, members, officers, or partners for which the author works Nothing included here should be construed as legal advice. Consult the appropriate professional prior to making a decision. In CA Lic 0e52066 If you do not agree to the with these terms, close this site immediately. No reproduction of the data contained on this site is allowed with express written consent. All information is copyrighted by Stratum Insurance Agency LLC. 

Sample claims may be based on real cases or fictional examples and no coverage is guaranteed or afforded by any information provided on this page or this website. Your policy may  or may not have any of the coverages shown in this sample. Policies vary based on terms, coverages, conditions, and exclusions  Please check with your state and local jurisdiction for rules on operating a business. Coverage options vary by business, location, and are all subject to underwriting approval. The information is purely for educational purposes and not quoted from any legal source. This document does not amend, extend or alter the coverage afforded by the policy. For a complete under standing of any insurance you purchase, you must read your Policy, Declarations Page and any Endorsements, and discuss them with your broker. Your actual policy terms and conditions may be amended by Endorsement or affected by state laws.


The basics – we use information that you give us to help you get an insurance quote or policy.

By using our website, fax, phone or email to submit information you acknowledge and consent to all of the following information. We use the data that we collect from you to obtain quotes and for marketing.  In some cases we may share the data with insurance carriers, their affiliates, other brokers, other agents, departments of insurance, and other individuals and entities involved in the process of obtaining insurance quotes or purchasing a policy.  We may also use your information to send you marketing materials for products that we sell or for companies that we represent.  Your information is transmitted using forms software and via email and is not always sent on a secured site. Stratum Insurance Agency, LLC, its agents, managers, members, affiliates, officers, brokers, agents, owners, representatives, and independent contractors are not responsible for any information that you transmit.  By using our website, fax, phone or email to submit information, you agree to release Stratum Insurance Agency, LLC, its agents, managers, members, affiliates, officers, brokers, agents, owners and independent contractors from any liability which may arise as a result of such usage.