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Going Green

Going Green at Stratum Insurance Agency LLC

From day one, the team at Stratum Insurance Agency worked to reduce their paper consumption.  It first started with the use of electronic faxes to prevent having countless pages printed through a traditional fax machine. Just imagine how much paper was saved by not printing ever fax that arrived.

As technology evolved, Stratum was able to add even more options.  The next step involved sending customer applications electronically to their clients.  This could generate double the documentation, as the agency suggests that clients keep a copy of their documents.

Again, technology helped push us forward with more choices for paper reduction.  In 2010 we saw the addition of electronic signatures for auto and motorcycle insurance, but that was not enough for Stratum to feel like it was doing its part to protect the environment.

In 2011 Stratum introduced the use of electronic signatures for business insurance and many types of personal insurance.  Clients can sign electronically and store a copy of their documents on their own computers.  With this new advancement, paper usage, in many cases, can be reduced to zero.  Zero waste, what a goal.  We are one step closer, and hope to achieve this goalGoing Green in the future.

Stratum Insurance Agency LLC is a modern insurance agency, using new technology and personalized levels of customer service to help their customers with their needs, quickly and efficiently.  Our unique technology allows us to help find customers the policies that they desire.

In 2012, Stratum was able to find access to more electronic payment methods, which reduced the need for paper checks.

In 2013 and 2014, more states starting allowing the use of electronic ID cards for auto insurance, which lets consumers show their ID card on their cell phone or tablet, rather than printing one. This is both convenient and environmentally friends.

We continue to work hard to care for the earth.